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We educate children about emotional intelligence

Due to too many teaching hours and the limited number of general educational classes, there is not enough time at school for developing the capability to identify and manage emotions. To respond to this issue we offer a series of workshops based on original handouts, instructed by students and graduates in psychology, pedagogy and other related field of studies.

We talk to children about 6 basic emotions and explain the importance of them.
We deliver 2 – hours and series of 10 or 24 workshops.
kids have already participated in our Project!

We have been holding workshops for primary school students in Wrocław for 3 years now. The basic emotions which we work on during our workshops are joy, sadness, anger, fear, disgust and surprise. We help children to learn how to identify and manage them in their lives.

Additionally the children will develop

♥    communications skills like non-violent communication,

♥    giving and receiving productive feedback,

♥    developing empathy,

♥    feeling and showing gratitude.

We invite you to take part in unique workshops about emotional intelligence which take place in Wroclaw.

For parents!

If your child’s school is not yet participating in this program, we encourage you to put them in touch with us. Children with a high level  of Emotional Intelligence perform better at school, form stronger bonds with others, are more effective in problem- solving and deal more efficiently with negative emotional experiences, such as stress, anger and frustration. Participation in our workshops provide your child with techniques which help to face its life’s challenges.


For schools!

Participation in our workshops helps students to integrate with each other, provide them with techniques of dealing with difficult emotions and gain skills needed for effective communication problem solving. It leads to better concentration among students during teaching hours and ability of conflict solving in class.


We cooperate with:

Integration School Alto in Wroclaw

Primary School No. 12 in Wroclaw