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Introducing the topic of emotional intelligence for adults

Emotional intelligence has a positive effect on teamwork skills. It makes conflict resolution easier, helps better understanding of different positions, and allows honest feedback – it reduces the difficulties most often encountered by different types of teams at work. It also affects the durability of relationships that we build, improves concentration and allows us to improve other interpersonal skills.


Control over emotional reactions


Emotional intelligence makes a difference!

Business Trainings

Building Relationships based on Emotional Intelligence.

Emotions affect your sense of competence at work and relationships with colleagues. Skillful management of emotions helps to control stress and even to use it for more effective work.

Do you want to lower your anxiety levels and learn how to change whatever you boss asks you to do into challenges? Want to learn how your mood affects the quality of your work? Would you like to find out how other people’s words affect you and what is the message you send while communicating with them?

All this is what our offer provides!

Training for Parents with Children

By having fun and spending time together we will show you that everyone has the right to experience their emotions but also to have boundaries.

This will be a fruitful time for the whole family!

Sample workshops suggestions:
The World of Emotion – parents and children increase their mutual understanding of emotions  by having fun together

▪Guess who I am? – let’s open up to the theater and improvisation to unleash inventivity and creative thinking.

▪ My place in the group – about  looking for similarities, not differences. Most people like ice cream, but everyone has their own favorite flavor.


We have an extensive background on the training market

and high standards of our workshops.

What we take into account in the course of training:

  • analysis of training needs

  • forming of a dedicated schedule

  • evaluation of  reaching the training goals

  • preparation of supplementary kit based on participants’ needs

Contact us and we will prepare an offer matching your needs!